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Track Rules

Facility and Track Rules

  • Flagman, scoring tower and Race director will make all race related calls.
  • No driver, pit crew, family member or friend will approach or question the flagman or scorers during a race.
  •  If anybody approaches flagman or scorers that driver is automatically DQ’d for the remainder of the night.
  • If you have a question or problem we can discuss it after the completion of the race.
  •  Any racer that is dissatisfied with a call and speeds off the track and or in the pits in an unsafe manner will be DQ’d for remainder of  the  night.   
  • Any obscenities, gesture negative comment towards MCS staff or other drivers will not be tolerated, you will be asked to leave the property.
  • ALL DRIVERS in all classes are required to have a race receiver. It must be in working order and you must be able to hear and understand the race director



  •  Rough driving will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances on and off the track.
  • Heat races will have a 15 minute time limit no matter how many laps have been completed
  • Feature races will have a 25 minute time limit no matter how many laps have been completed. This can be adjusted on a case by case scenario.


Example: disabled cars on track and takes more than 10 minutes to clear the track


  • The 3 spin out rule will be enforced for heat races and feature races
  •  If your car is disabled on the track you will stay in your car and with your car until released by an MCS official.
  • If your car breaks during a race you will NOT get a replacement car for that race. You will need to inform the scorers if you change cars for the next race.
  • Any car that stops on the track for any reason during a race will be sent to the rear of the field. Unless stopping by a MCS official as directed to inspect either safety hazards or equipment failure.
  •  Top 3 feature finisher’s cars will be weighed and tech’d.
  •  In the event of a crash NO ONE is permitted on the track until track is deemed safe by the race director.


Driver will be DQ’d for the remainder of the night. If any team member enters the track.Prior to the race director clearing the track   THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS



  • Yellow is caution, a slow safe speed is mandatory, if MCS officials determines speeds are unsafe during a caution driver can be blacked flagged or sent to the rear of the field.
  • Red Flag:  Stop at once. DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR UNLESS YOU ARE IMMEDIATE DANGER. Wait for track personal to assist you. NO crew members are allowed on track. Exception is that a crew member may deliver tear-offs to the driver is track officials allow. Crew members MUST NOT touch the car while still on the track. Any car that needs work under red must go to the pits and must be accompanied by a MCS official.  After repairs are completed and if track officials allow it, the car may return to the track and start in the rear of the field. ANY VIOLATIONS OF RED OR YELLOW FLAG RULES WILL RESULT IN A COMPLETE DISQUALIFICATION
  • You may not exit your car during a red flag stop unless cleared by MCS official
  • You not make any changes to your car during a red flag stop.
  • No pit crew may enter the track during a red flag stop.


  • Drivers need to know running order for their classes.
  • Driver must be in the grid and prepared to start the race when class enters the track.
  • Drivers must know starting position and will have one lap to get lined up, any driver not in correct starting position at the end of one lap will be sent to rear of the field.
  • Once the race has started NO DRIVER will be permitted to enter the track.
  • If you miss the start of the race you may stay in the grid and wait for a caution to enter the track
  • You will not be scored for that race.
  • If practice or race order has changed after the drivers meeting you will be notified.


Starts and Restarts


  • The driver on the pole and the flagman will start the race at the assigned cone in turn
  • Driver on the pole will maintain a slow steady pace allowing for all drivers to get lined up. Driver will get one lap to maintain a slow steady pace if they are unable to they will be sent to rear of the field.
  • Any driver that jumps the start will be sent to the rear of the field after 2nd attempt.
  • Restarts are single file, nose to bumper.
  • The lead car will start the race between assigned cones.
  • If lead car does not start the race, the flagman will start the race at the assigned cone in turn 4
  • On a restart any driver that jumps or passes any car prior to the lead car firing will be penalized 2 positions at the completion of the race.


Or lineup will adjusted at next caution. We will not slow the field to reline the field and restart the race..

Example: is starting in 4th place on a restart,Car#1 fires and jumps past any car in front of them Prior to lead car firing. Whatever position Car #1 finishes they will be penalized 2 positions. This call will be made by flagman and race director. 

Engine Protest Procedure & Rules

1. Any car that is registered for competition during the race event shall be eligible for an engine protest.
2. The party making the protest must be registered car owner (or owners) and must have a car in competition during the same race event with the car against which the protest is being made.
3. The protest is a fee of $250.00. This is $200.00 for the car and $50.00 tech fee (cash only – no checks). Protest fee must be presented no later than 15 minutes after feature with race director.
4. The party filing a protest will be given a receipt. If the protest is found to be illegal, the party making the protest will be refunded the $200.00. The protest car will lose its finishing position, points, and money. The remainder of the field will advance up one finishing position. The identification number will be recorded and illegal part(s) will be marked/stamped “illegal”. Any engine or part so marked will not be allowed to compete at future events until declared legal at a fee of $50.00 to be paid to the tech.
5. Notification in writing to race officials of protested engine will take place at the completion of the feature event in which the said engine competes. The checking-out of protest 
engine must start within one hour of notification of protest.
6. In the event the driver/owner at whom the protest is directed refuse to comply with an engine tear down, they shall be declared illegal by default and shall forfeit all prize money 
and points earned during the race event. On the decision of the officers, the driver/owners may be suspended for a period of time voted on. Engine identification numbers will be 
recorded and the illegal portion will be marked/stamped “ill”, if possible. Any illegal portion will not be allowed to compete at future events until declared legal by a MCS 
technician at a fee of $50.00.
7. If the car/engine is found to be legal, the protest money of $200.00 will be turned over to the driver/owner as compensation for his/her inconvenience.
8. MCS Officials will have the final say in determining the validity of protest and rules infraction.


  • After each feature race a pre-notified number of cars and drivers must go directly to the weigh in and tech area. No crew members may approach or touch the cars until tech is 
    complete. Tech would include, but not limited to: Engine, tires, weight, wing size, and durometer and safety features. Failure to comply will result in loss of points for that race.
  • Protests of any kind, including but not limited to, weight, tech (any type) and finish position will be handled as follows: All drivers who have signed in for that nights racing will have their name placed in a box.
  • Three (3) names will be drawn. These three drivers and officers of the MCS not involved in the protest will go to a secluded area (any WILL NOT be interrupted by any other driver or individual) to discuss, this decision will be final, binding. No Officer or member of the MCS may alter or change this decision.
  • Violation of standards outlined in paragraph 1 would result in loss of points won during that race, and up to a two-race penalty to be determined by an MCS Officials.


For the purpose of safety of the drivers, safety rules must be enforce


  • Any car / driver can be blacked flagged for safety reasons.
  • This is at the flagman’s and race director’s discretion.
  • Driver can pull to the bottom of the GRID NOT PIT AREA, to correct equipment deficiencies.
  • IF a driver needs to go to pit area during there race they must be accompanied by MCS official prior to leaving the track.
  • NO changes can be made to car other than changing a flat tire or securing or removing a loose part.
  • A driver can change a flat tire and will receive 2 caution laps to return to the track
  • Driver will go to the rear of the field. Upon reentering the track.
  • Travel within the pit area will be 5 mph.
  • Fire retardant hood, socks and underwear are recommended
  • For the purpose of safety of the drivers, safety rules must be enforced All seat belts in the cars must be changed at least every three years. Buckles must be checked during safety inspection of your vehicle at home prior to each race for ease of operation and must be functional. Damaged or non-functioning belts and buckles must be replaced immediately. Date of installation of belts must be noted on each belt in permanent marker and must be visible for inspection. Belt support bar must be at shoulder height.
  • Drivers must wear industry standard racing suits that are designed to protect drivers from fire and hazard.
  • .Drivers must wear arm restraints and fire retardant racing gloves and approved racing shoes
  • Drivers must wear a Head & Neck Restraints this is mandatory.
  • Right side “Sprint Car” window net or right side head support on seat is Mandatory.
  • All cars must drive slowly in the pits.
  • Helmets must be minimum of SNELL 90 or above and full face with visor. Driver-FULL COVERAGE, fire retardant suit required. 3” 5-point belt system, arm restraints, cervical collar and NOMEX gloves required.  Chain guard mandatory, Engine shield mandatory.
  • All Drivers will need to have Race Receivers by the time they race their first (1st.) scheduled race. Every Driver is responsible for his or her receiver to be in working condition. if you do not have a receiver you can rent or buy one from the MCS this is mandatory.
  • Head and Neck restraint or fuel bladder is mandatory this year, 2015
  • A rock guard is highly recommended.
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