Limited Micro Sprint Rules

MCS Limited 250/450 Micro Sprint Rules Package

  • 250 2 cycle-Motorcycle or ATV engines. Any manufactured single cylinder only. Any year allowed.
  • Piston- 250—2 cycle, may run a larger bore piston, with max displacement of 265cc.
  • 450—4 cycle—stoke bore only. 450cc. any piston Mfg. allowed
  • Crankshaft— No Strokers allowed. Must be OEM specs for the brand and model of your Brands allowed/OEM Stock, Wiseco or Hot Rods. Crankshaft must be steel.
  • No titanium, lightweight or knife edged rods.
  • 250 2 cycle heads; either stock or cool head design.
  • 250-2 stroke may run a ported or sleeved cylinder or be replated upon rebuild.
  • 450-4 cycle heads: to remain stock with OEM stock valve sizes. Heads may be machined for flatness ONLY. No porting or polishing allowed.
  • 450–4 cycle may run either a stock cam or stage 1 hot cam. No other cams allowed.
  • Tires—Open tire rule/ sizes & compounds
  • Fuels-Pump gas or race gas. No enhancing additives, alcohol or oxygenated fuels allowed.
  • Wings- Maximum of 12sf/ 54” sideboards.
  • Clutch; 250-2 stroke may run a machined or welded clutch.
  • Clutch 450–4 stroke must have an operating clutch.
  • Ceramic bearing not allowed in either engines.
  • Any muffler combination allowed for both engines.
  • Oil systems may be modified for durability. No dry sump engines unless legal engine is Mfg. as such.
  • Starters: 450 is required to have electric start.
  • Chassis-Micro or Mini Sprint chassis only.
  • Weight- Minimum of 610 lbs. No maximum weight requirements.
  • Rules may be revised at any time with proper notice.
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